USBrfm12 is an adaptor for using RFM12-modules via USB from a PC.

Kits and boards are available via the

Rendered preview of USBrfm12:

gerenderte Vorschau von USBrfm12 (Oberseite) gerenderte
Vorschau von USBrfm12 (Unterseite)

Complete PCB:

topside of the
PCB underside of the PCB

Solderinginstructions (online)

Solderinginstructions (PDF) Solderinginstructions (PDF, as A5 booklet)

Solderinginstructions (PDF, for black/white printers) Solderinginstructions (PDF, for black/white printers, as A5 booklet)

Software for USBrfm12 is available in the Ethersex-Wiki.

Please send comments, fixes and pizza to usbrfm12 (at) spida (.) net